Using social media for your business is a definite must for any business looking to grow but for it to be effective, it must be used wisely!

Social media can be managed in-house, by individuals or you can hire a social media agency. If done correctly, it will strengthen the effect of your brand and can be used to expand the reach and engagement of your audience.

However some businesses make the mistake of thinking it’s an easy task that doesn’t need much attention – nothing could be further from the truth! Often your social media platforms will be the first impression a customer gets when they are researching your product – and that first impression matters.

why hire a social media agency

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a social media agency:

Strategy & Planning

A social media agency should offer you the opportunity for them to analyse your current social media and the competition around you, providing ways or suggestions to improve your social media presence. When you hire a social media agency, they will come up with a plan and demonstrate how to execute it, along with providing consulting services with an option for them to manage your social media going forward, putting into place the strategy plan and suggestions.

An agency has the knowledge and expertise to make the adjustments based on research and analysis to ensure that you get the best out of your social media marketing.

Brand Recognition & Promotion

Social media agencies are used to working with a variety of different audiences and getting a brand recognised across a range of social media platforms. They have the knowledge and expertise of knowing where to start in getting a brand talked about by influencers and which platforms are good for different types of business. They also are up to date with trends and the ever-changing techniques for working across the social media networks.

It is an agency’s top concern of working with any client to ensure that a business is branded well and is promoted properly across the networks and will make the most of this for you.

Goal Achieving & Time Saving

Many businesses try and fail experimenting with their social media marketing and are unsure of what else to try in order to achieve their goals. They may waste much precious time that could have been put to good use elsewhere in the business. The main purpose of a social media agency is to focus on achieving those goals for you, pushing for the results that you have mapped out and leaving you to focus on other parts of your business. An agency will have in depth industry knowledge of how to reach your goals or be able to give insight on what’s been happening on your platforms as well as providing detailed reporting.

Social Media Tricks & Tips

Which social media accounts do you use for your business? Are you confident that you are using the correct platforms for your type of business sector? Do you have the right mix of informational and image based posts?

These are all questions that you may be asking and not have the time to research properly in order to give your online marketing the best chance of success.

Social media platforms are forever changing. The algorithms behind the platforms are forever changing! There are different tools to manage each of your accounts, a lot of which are very similar – so which management program do you use?

It is the job of a social media agency to keep on top of all these changes and to keep up to date with all the tips of the trade – so you as a business don’t have to and can focus on other things.

With the growing importance of Facebook advertising, this may be something that you’re looking to expand into. A social media agency should have the knowledge behind setting these up correctly and the experience to effectively use your budget to work in the best way possible to achieve results for your business.

Dedicated Team

When you hire a social media agency, their entire focus is to keep on top of your social media accounts and strategy. They spend 100% of their time dedicated to social media and your online marketing.

This is not necessarily something that you would have time for within your business, especially if you are a small business or an entrepreneur just starting out – there are many things that you need to spend your time focused on – not just social media.

Social media can be very time consuming especially when you take into account keeping up to date with trends and providing constant customer support. But when you hire a social media agency for this job – that is what they will provide for you. Often when you hire an agency, you’re not getting just one person – but a whole team for the price!

Agencies want your business to succeed and have the time and dedication to push for good results.

At the end of the day, social media needs to be part of your marketing strategy. We believe that it is far more worthwhile doing the job properly and seeing the results you need to grow your business than just pushing through in the hope of good results.

If you’re not sure on the way forward in your online marketing plan, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch and see your social media taken to the next level!


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