You say you are a digital nomad…. But what exactly IS is a digital nomad? South Coast Social founder Clare ponders this frequently asked question…..

Wikipedia defines digital nomads asindividuals who leverage telecommunications technologies to perform their work duties, and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner‘ and that pretty much sums it up for many. Purists might define digital ‘nomadism’ as having to be constantly travelling with no fixed base, but for me, I like to call the essential part of being a digital nomad my ‘no wires’ philosophy.

woman with laptop in park Now strictly, this isn’t true of course – until Apple devise a way of powering the MacBook with solar power I am tied to at least charging it once a day – or the pressure mine is put under, two or three times a day! Rather, I like to think of the ‘no wires’ being symbolic as well as physical, meaning that I don’t have anything tying me to a certain place of work. Sunny day? I can work outside, from the park or the beach. If I’m in need a caffeine hit? I can work from any Starbucks going*. I can work in taxis, on trains and planes – and the best bit – I don’t even have to be in the UK.


Essentially, all I need to run South Coast Social is my MacBook, my iPhone, a portable charger and sometimes also my iPad (I’m not sponsored by Apple, I promise! I should probably receive commission though!). All my files are kept safely and securely stored (my clients’ confidentiality is of the utmost importance) and although I do sometimes like to revert to a good old fashioned pen and paper for brain storming that’s pretty much all I need.

The best part of the digital nomad dream? The flexibility. It’s the same flexibility that inspired me to create our Think Different philosophy – working a in different way and helping others who also think outside the box. Personally, for me it means I have the ability to travel, to see the world, to be inspired every day with new things and new people and not have to sit staring at the same desk, the same four walls – having the same commute to work. If you want to really be inspired why don’t you check out some of my favourite digital nomads – ‘Never Ending Voyage‘ for some real lifestyle envy. Simon and Erin run their business from across the globe, documenting their experiences and travels and providing top tips for those who want to take the plunge. They really are living their dream – and isn’t that something we all should aim for?


* other coffee chains are available, naturally. But their wifi is reliable, there’s one on every corner and they do make a mean macchiato!

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