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UGC : What is it and why use it?

User Generated Content (UGC) is, quite simply, any content created by the customer. Photos, videos and even reviews are all classed as UGC! Whether you’ve been struggling to gain engagement, want to connect more with your customers, or simply want to give your social feeds a refresh – it might be time to consider using UGC within your social media strategy.

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Introducing Instagram Checkout

Instagram users love to shop. At least that’s what Instagram tell us, and we’re inclined to agree!

In February 2018, the company rolled out Instagram Shopping, allowing brands to tag specific products in their images and, in September 2018, we saw the arrival of shopping stickers in Stories. Not only did this aim to make shopping easier for consumers, it also saw social media managers waving goodbye to listing product codes in captions and replying to constant queries of ‘where can I find this product?’

Introducing LinkedIn Live

It’s pretty well known that video is the best performing content type on pretty much every social platform, with many of the most popular networks embracing and fully engaging with this type of content. Facebook introduced video content originally in 2007, with the introduction of Facebook Live in 2015. Instagram introduced the ability to upload video content in 2013, with the introduction of ‘stories’ in 2016, whilst users have been uploading video content to YouTube since 2005.

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Welcoming Fern and Christina!

We’ve got 2019 off to an amazing start (how is it mid February already?!) and we’ve got two new faces in the SCS crew! We’re excited to welcome Fern and Christina to South Coast Social and they’ve already made a big impact on our clients.

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Top 10 YouTube Stats for Marketers

As marketers, keeping on top of trends and social movement is obviously key, and it’s probably not escaped anybody (marketer or not) that visual content has never been more popular! This obviously presents a massive opportunity for organisations to use video platforms to get in front of a large, captivated audience. YouTube dominates as a social network for video content… and with the recent launch of YouTube Stories, it shows no signs of slowing down.

We’ve selected 10 key stats of interest out of Hootsuite’s recent article on YouTube Stats for Marketers. Enjoy!