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Refresh your social media channels, ready for reopening

‘Non-essential’ retail businesses can reopen from this week and some customers have been so dedicated that they’ve been setting up camp outside! All being well, hair and beauty salons, tattoo shops, bars, pubs and restaurants should all be able to open in a few weeks too.

So whether you’ve just reopened or you’re still waiting, we’ve put together a checklist of things that you can do to give your social media channels a quick refresh…

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How to boost your organic engagement on social media

Not everyone has the budget to spend out on social media advertising. But there is a small organic way to hack the social media algorithms and get your posts seen by more people… it’s called engagement!

Engagements come in many forms – likes, reactions, shares, comments, saves, video views, link clicks, retweets, pins… But all of them count towards your channel’s overall engagement, and it’s that engagement that turns fans and followers into customers and brand advocates.

Why Hair, Beauty and Nail Salons Should Use Social Media

There’s nothing more impressive on social media than a visual transformation, and salons make these happen every single day!

Whilst posting before-and-after photos might be fairly straightforward, a lot of salons struggle to find the time to use social media marketing effectively… But this is vital for raising awareness of your hair or beauty brand.

While your salon may currently be closed due to COVID-19, it’s a great time to get planning your social media strategy for when you reopen.

Here’s why…