With Black Friday well under way this week, social media could become your best friend in attracting new customers for your business. So what are some of the best practices you could be doing to boost your Black Friday sales on social media?

Find great images

People like images. But good ones!

Different images attract a different type of person so be sure to find the right image that matches your ideal audience.

If you’re looking to attract a younger audience in your marketing efforts, Instagram is a great place to start. However to stand out in the crowd your images need to look professional and impressive.


Instagram is all about imagery and having beautiful examples of your products or your branding. If you’ve not got a great camera or are not confident in taking a good photo, then you can always use stock photos to up your game and show professionalism. These photos can be adapted within your Instagram App to better portray your branding.

Share your content

You might have the best product and images out there but if people don’t see them, you’re not going to achieve the sales. Therefore sharing and asking people to share your content is a great way for more people to see your business – give people an incentive such as a Black Friday discount code. Don’t be afraid to tap into colleagues, friends or family to request them to share your content – it’s another way for an extended reach in your marketing.

On a platform like Twitter, you can share the same message constantly throughout the course of a day and reach a different audience every time. People are using the network 24 hours a day and therefore there is always an eye to catch!

Try to post on a regular basis on the run up to Black Friday. We understand that not everyone has the time to stop throughout the day to schedule posts – so why not use a social media management platform like Hootsuite? It will make your social media scheduling a lot more manageable.

Make your content shareable

As with the above point, your content needs to be shared to be seen – however your content will only be shared if it looks good!

Spend time writing appealing content, witty lines, attractive call-to-actions and get into the mind of the audience you are trying to reach. What would they want to see? What do they want to know about your product in order to agree to a sale?

Great text + great photos + a strong call to action = a perfect social post!

Also, consider create a branded hashtag that is specific for your business. This will make it easier for people to find your products and for you to be able to share content when other people mention the hashtag.

Stand out

Don’t be afraid to try something different at this busy time of the year. As Christmas approaches, people are already getting into the shopping mode and therefore Black Friday is just an easy way to push more sales on the lead up to Christmas. Spend some time researching what your competitors are doing, what they are offering and create a way to do better.

Ensure that your customer service is ‘outstanding’ and respond to every enquiry that comes through any social media platform. Usually Facebook or Twitter are the places that people will go to for customer service, so be sure to be proactive and prove to the customer that your business offers what they want or potential business might go elsewhere!

You can also use Twitter for getting noticed by searching for questions that people could be asking about your products – and reply to them with solutions. Direct them to your website or ask them to contact you directly. Create paths for people to have an easy way to make a purchase – if it’s too difficult, they won’t buy from you.

Black Friday online sales

Use video content

Black Friday is a time of year that so many people get excited about, so why not shout about it with video content? Video content boosts higher engagements than standard posts which is a great excuse to use it more than ever!

Facebook and Instagram are both a great place to get your videos noticed – you don’t have to be an expert behind a camera to get online. You could even ‘go live’ and share what’s happening in your office or with the team and show the behind-the-scenes of your business to prove that you’re human!

Simplify the purchase process

As with anything, if it’s too complicated, you’ve lost interest. The same goes for the buying process for your products. Make the steps simple – use a Black Friday offer or button on your Facebook page, pin a post to the top of your feed – whatever is easiest for your customers to engage with your page and head straight over to your website. Once they’re on your website, you want to make it simple to get through to the shopping cart and purchase the product.

Get creative

To promote your Black Friday offers, why not get creative? The idea of this is to build fascination about your brand and your products. For people that don’t know your business, you want it to be eye-catching. You could try to use Black Friday illustrations or use lifestyle / surroundings to show your products in a different light.

Paid social media advertising

With so many businesses and people fighting for organic advertising space, sometimes it can be worth having a small budget for paid advertising. Facebook advertising provides great results for targeting specific audiences, especially if you have a geographical area. Your budget does not need to be big for this to be effective but you do need to know what you’re doing to see results. This is something that we can help you with for your Black Friday promotions if you’re thinking about exploring this avenue.

Whatever you do with your social media marketing over this time of year, it has to be creative, stand out and GRAB the buyer’s attention.

If you’d like some advice on what the best practices would be for helping your Black Friday sales on social media stand out (or any other time of year!), then get in touch!


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