Apple iPhone X: The New Release

Have you caught up on the latest release – the Apple iPhone X? Chances are that your social media channels have been jammed with tweets and posts regarding the new phone along with the pros and cons of what people think. The new Apple iPhone X model contains a number of new features that previous… Read more »


Creating the Perfect Image for your Social Media

creating the perfect image - Canva

Do you ever find yourself looking at a website thinking how beautiful their images are and wondering how they created them? Finding or creating the perfect image for your social media posts or your website is an important step to adhere to. It’s all about the impression you want to portray to your customers and… Read more »


Beauty Brands That Rock Social Media

beauty brands on social media

Beauty brands on social media are achieving extraordinary growth through high level engagement with their customers. Social media networking and the beauty industry are an absolute match made in heaven. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are both visual and inspirational, and are the perfect platforms for promoting a beauty brand. Here Are… Read more »


The John Lewis Christmas ad and the power of social media!

Every year the nation awaits the John Lewis Christmas ad, poised to give their opinion on whether it has exceeded the previous year. With a staggering 17,042,208 views so far of the John Lewis 2016 video on Youtube in just 8 days since its release on 9th November, this year’s campaign has proved hugely successful… Read more »


Apple Launch Update and their Social Hype

Did you catch the Apple update yesterday? Chances are your social media feed was full of Apple updates – no one does a big tech launch quite like it in terms of generating online hype prior to the big reveal. The big news was the launch of not one but two new smartphones; the iPhone… Read more »