Instagram Launches IGTV!

Instagram announces IGTV

Who’s seen the new button at the top on their Instagram screen? If not, take a look – it’s a TV-shaped icon and it’s going to change your whole Instagram experience! Instagram have recently announced the introduction of their latest app called IGTV, rolling out over the next few weeks to global users on Android… Read more »


Why We Love Micro-Influencers

why use a micro-influencer

The term micro-influencer has become a buzzword over past months and for good reason. According to the big global publications such as Inc., micro-influencers have been named as the industry’s next big ‘thing’ and its importance will continue to grow as we move forward digitally. So, what are micro-influencers and what exactly is all the… Read more »


What Is A Micro Influencer

We’ve all heard of using influencer marketing to boost a marketing campaign (we explored this a little while ago on our blog) however we feel that finding a micro influencer is an ideal route to go down for small to medium sized businesses. A micro influencer is a social media personality with a smaller following… Read more »


Beauty Brands That Rock Social Media

beauty brands on social media

Beauty brands on social media are achieving extraordinary growth through high level engagement with their customers. Social media networking and the beauty industry are an absolute match made in heaven. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are both visual and inspirational, and are the perfect platforms for promoting a beauty brand. Here Are… Read more »


How Could A Social Media Influencer Help My Business?

What is a Social Media Influencer? An influencer is quite simply someone who carries influence over others. A social media influencer is someone who wields that influence through social media, by creating a very large following by becoming an expert in a niche subject. The influencer has swiftly become a trusted source of online information!… Read more »