Twitter Is Bringing Back A Chronological Timeline

Twitter brings back a chronological timeline

Twitter has recently announced that they will be bringing back the option to have a chronological timeline for users, which is a welcomed announcement for many who have become frustrated and confused with the current timeline they are faced with daily.


Twitter Announces Account Removals

Twitter account removals

A recent announcement from Twitter stated that in a bid to keep Twitter accounts healthy and with accurate follower counts, they are in the process of removing certain fake and lapsed Twitter accounts.


What Makes A Top Performing Tweet?

We love this post from Hootsuite which outlines the importance of compelling content and visuals, along with an analysis from a top performing tweet in 2018.


Twitter Stats That Matter To Social Marketers

Understanding your data is what’s behind a great marketing strategy. Creating a plan that works with the information you already have established will help you build a practical and workable Twitter marketing strategy that creates the best results.


Success With Recurring Twitter Hashtags!

As you look to grow your business, there are many avenues you can explore when it comes to social media. However sometimes the most simple trends such as using recurring Twitter hashtags are the most effective and can have a large impact on your marketing success.