So you’ve got your Facebook account, check. Twitter – check. You’ve even got yourself onto Pinterest – check. It’s all set up. You’re ready to BE SOCIAL! Content strategy ready to go?What-Will-People-Say

As the title of this blog post suggests, content is still king – most definitely. In our opinion, Marketing is ALL about the content. However, it’s not always given the attention it deserves in Marketing plans and this is to the detriment of many a business. A lot of (very successful!) business owners we speak to are prolific on their social media accounts but have forgotten their most valuable asset – themselves. YOU have a unique knowledge of your business and its consumers, whatever you might specialise in and from this knowledge you can create unique content that can be truly valuable and engaging for your readers.


Say you’re in the Marketing department for a health food bar company – what would you say your content would mainly feature?  Some tweets on nuts? A blog post series on the merits of granola? An excellent example of successful Content Marketing can be found from Nature Valley who last year filmed nature park trails across the USA, creating a first of its kind Google streetview hiking experience showcasing the Nature Valley lifestyle and their commitment to the natural world. With over 2.5 million page visits to date, they provided their consumers with an outstandingly beautiful content experience by immersing them into their brand ethos – all without a plug for granola in sight.

Put yourself in the place of your target audience or consumer – what do you think they are looking to hear about from your brand? What unique business knowledge can you impart? If you must include a call to action, make it subtle and not the main focus of your content (Gary Vaynerchucks’ latest book, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook is excellent on this subject). Be enticing and informative – in the age of social media consumers are more savvy than ever and increasingly wise to sales tactics. If consumers are already following you on you social networks, they are already interested in what you have to say!

Finally, consider which platform best fits your content and adapt your message appropriately. What suits a Tweet won’t suit a Facebook post, or for content heavily reliant on visual representation Pinterest might be the perfect medium. Think about how you are going to make your message connect and resonate with your reader, above all staying true to your company’s core values. Use the excellent analytics available on most social platforms to work out what works best for you (or we can do it for you!) Experiment, then experiment some more, but keep at it!

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