Always wanted the option to further customise your Facebook Business page? Facebook are giving business owners a helping hand by offering new tools to help them optimise their business pages on the network.

These new features are being rolled out gradually, so to check if you already have access to them, go to Settings on your business page -> Edit Page -> and if you have access you will see this new option of ‘Standard’ under Templates.

You can choose a ready-made template to suit your business. They currently offer the following template designs:

  • Standard
  • Shopping
  • Venues
  • Gaming
  • Politicians
  • Professional Services
  • Restaurants & Cafes

Obviously this may feel slightly limited depending what your business is, but you can choose the closest match and then within that you are able to re-arrange the tabs so you have what is most important for your business at the top of your page (i.e videos, newsfeed, shop).

The new layout features customizable sections in the middle column, new templates for different business types with various tab options, and an easier way to see and share the unique URL for each tab, as Social Media Examiner reports. These features are super useful for sharing the different elements of your page, for example your photo albums, or newsletter sign up tab.

A lesson to be learned from these new changes is that Facebook is reminding us that the newsfeed isn’t everything – we need to take note of the appearance of our page, and effectively treat it as a mini website.

Many small businesses these days operate entirely from Facebook and don’t even have a company website. These new features introduced bto customise your Facebook Business page will  make this much more of a viable option for start ups and will most certainly help those people to optimise their pages for better results.


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