Looking for a social media agency? We’re based in sunny Bournemouth and we like to ThinkDifferent.

It’s what makes people stand out and ideas unique; it’s what gets you noticed. And let’s face it, in business we all want to be noticed. There are an abundance of social media and marketing agencies out there all offering similar services to each other – a quick Google search will tell you that. So what makes us Different?


It’s The Foundation Of Everything We Do – We believe in a Different way of working – our team are passionate social media experts and complete tech geeks (and proud!). What ever your sector, we love thinking up unique ways to get your business noticed online through the power of social media.

We Understand – We work exclusively with startups and small to medium sized businesses and we know how difficult it can be, setting up and running a business, managing employees and dealing with a million and one things when you only have one pair of hands. We have the advantage of being a small, boutique business ourselves which means we can offer you the flexibility other social media agencies can’t always provide. Whether it’s meetings out of office hours or catch ups via Skype, we will do everything we can to make your day just that little bit easier by taking on your social media and marketing requirements so you can concentrate on what you do best!

Jargon Free and Simple – We won’t sit you down and baffle you with Marketing jargon (although we can if you like!). Our ethos is ‘keeping it simple’, ensuring you have all the information you need to make clear decisions without blinding you with science. We can then be there to guide you through our work together – or we can just get working on providing you with clear results that benefit your business. Because let’s face it, that’s why you’re hiring us.

No Nasty Surprises – We believe our pricing is very competitive. Each quote we prepare is bespoke to your exact requirements (with no hidden charges!) so you know exactly upfront what costs to budget for – contact us for more details.

To the South Coast… and beyond! – We love our Bournemouth social media agency base – we are ideally placed for local businesses looking to increase the visibility of their brand and improve sales to a wider audience. As much as we love the sunshine and sea air of the south coast, we work with businesses across the UK – that’s the beauty of the internet! Whether you’re in our neck of the woods or not, we’d love to hear how we can work together.


Are you looking for a Different way to promote your business? Get in touch HERE and find out more