It’s been a fierce topic of debate in social media circles for a good couple of years – but now it’s looking like the Facebook Dislike button might finally be a Thing.“I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years. Today is a special day because today is the day I can say we’re working on it and shipping it,” Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg said according to Business Insider during a Q&A at Facebook’s headquarters. He did however stress it probably wouldn’t actually be CALLED a ‘dislike’ button, but would convey a similar sentiment. Here’s our thoughts on this latest development as we evaluate the Pros and Cons;


  • Adding a Facebook Dislike button will give users a chance to add a sentiment of empathy to a post – currently there is no way of effectively adding support without actually ‘liking’ the post – understandly difficult to do for a tragic news story or news of a bereavement.
  • Evaluating the response from a Dislike button could help give Marketing depts added insight into evaluating the effectiveness of certain types of post (of course, this is already done via the Insights tool and monitoring engagement, etc).


  • The Facebook Dislike button might be used to ‘downvote’ a post – this could add negativity to both personal and business Facebook feeds and perhaps discourage sharing certain stories or updates.
  • Using a Dislike button could negatively affect the relationships in your network – ‘disliking’ someones post could lead to them in them unfollowing you or your page.
  • It could lead to cyber bullying and trolling – several examples that have been voiced include expressing a ‘dislike’ sentiment to posts relating to homosexual content, among others.

Will it actually happen? We’re not convinced – not are we convinced it’s a positive enhancement for the network. We’ll keep you posted!


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