Facebook, along with social media as a whole, is forever expanding and using it to grow your business should be an essential part of any marketing plan. Understanding how the different social media platforms work and what they have to offer will ensure the planning of your marketing strategy is on track and in line with current trends. With Facebook being the most widely used network, it has its own set of important stats that make it stand out – vital for all social media marketers knowledge base.

5 Facebook stats to understand

Facebook stats for business owners

1) Facebook has more users than any other social media network

With over 2.13 billion active users worldwide, Facebook is the most widely used social network and still continues to grow. With that amount of people using the platform, there is such huge potential to reach clients by developing your strategy to target specific audiences and reaching out to groups that are most important to you.

2) More time is spent on Facebook than other networks

1.4 billion people log in to Facebook on a daily basis which represents a 14 percent increase year over year. And of those people, there is an average spend of 25 minutes per day on Facebook.

Facebook is accessed more often than any other network, with Instagram next in line and the others following suit.

Understanding what those daily users are looking for will help you nail down your marketing efforts.

3) People like live events

Many people looking for an event, will use Facebook to search for it. According to a survey from Stubhub, 62% of event goers will use Facebook to discover their event. And once they are there, 79% of those at the event will post about it on Facebook.

These figures need to be incorporated into any strategy for businesses looking to promote events and then used continuously for each promotion.

4) Retail products are being discovered on Facebook

Thanks to the immediacy of online, social and media, we have a wealth of fashion inspiration and products at our fingertips. In a Facebook survey of 6,000 people across six countries, four in ten Facebook users say they’ve discovered fashion inspiration in the past three months from Facebook.

If retailers tap into the calling of Facebook users looking for those products, sometimes not even necessarily knowing they are looking for those products – there could be potential buyers within easy reach if campaigns are conducted professionally and well planned out.

5) Businesses use Facebook’s tools

Business decision makers are twice as likely to be daily active users as opposed to other Facebook users. And also 40% of these business owners will have 200+ friends.

Along with this, a large percentage of businesses are using the tools available in Facebook to access their audience. By utilising a Facebook Business Page, along with using Messenger to communicate with customers and many also investing in Facebook advertising, their efforts are really paying off.

As you can see from this report, a huge 95.8% of social media marketers say that Facebook delivers the highest ROI for their business among the different social media platforms. This highlights the power of Facebook and what potential it could have for you brand if used correctly.

social media ROI - Facebook stats

We fully believe in Facebook to increase brand awareness and to reach potential clients that may not be accessible elsewhere. If you’re not already using Facebook for business, it’s time you start!

Get in touch to find out how Facebook can impact your business and how you can look to grow your brand online throughout the year ahead.


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