For any of you promoting your business through a Facebook Page – there ‘MIGHT’ some very exciting developments afoot!

It has been reported by Michael Branvold Marketing that Facebook are testing a feature where you can interact in your groups as your Page. Up until now, to join or be an admin of a group, you had to use your personal profile.

Michael stumbled across this feature when he was managing a client’s Page and this option appeared:

screen shot pages in groups

“Facebook groups let people connect with your Page and each other. Now you can interact with people in your groups as your Page, and your Page can an admin of these groups.”

An even more exciting addition to this is that you will be able to LINK your group to your Page – so when someone looks at your business Page, there will be a tab for the relevant group for people to join. This will be invaluable for businesses who have created groups on Facebook to create more engagement with their customers or clients.

With over a billion active monthly users on Facebook groups, being able to link your Page and group within one community would make a huge difference to business owners across the world.

We will keep you posted with any new developments!



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