We’ve all heard of Generation Y and the Millennials – but who are Generation Z?

These are the youngsters who were born in the mid 1990’s and beyond – born and bred with all things digital, including apps and social media.

According to Forbes, they are the retail industry’s next big purchasing group. They hold $44billion in buying power and are definitely a different kind of shopper.

This particular group of individuals are growing up fast with strong minds and a decisive path on where they want to spend their money and how to influence those around them.

Gen Z’s are not as focused as their older Millennial friends however they are actively multitasking as they go along their every day and utilising all things digital that come via their path. They can move quickly from work and play with many distractions in the background – a definite positive point if they continue this through to when they reach the workplace.

It’s also being proven that they are full of independance and capable of learning by themselves, finding opportunities to grow and adapt in whatever they need to achieve. They seek individuality because they were born to be social – 92% of this generation have a digital footprint!

What does this mean for social media and the way that the Gen Z’s communicate?

A study by IBM reports that over 60% of Gen Z’s say that they will not use an app or website that is slow.

It also shows that over 70% of Gen Z’s have influence over family decisions including purchasing household items and furniture as well as food and beverages.

This a big deal to online communication and will change the way that industries communicate and reach out to this generation.

Generation Z - shopping - social media

Using modern and up to date websites that are easy to manipulate and navigate will be a key point that will determine whether a Gen Z will purchase from an online store. A large majority will research online prior to making a purchase and if they are researching for parents that perhaps aren’t as tech savvy as their children, this will have an impact on results.

Having a social media presence that they can interact with and gain instant response from will also be a key factor in communicating with this age group.

In a world where everything is within reach of a fingertip, recommendations and referrals will come from Gen Z’s and could have a positive approach if the experience is a positive one. However if an online experience is not easy or as pleasant as they would like, the recommendations can be turned upside down. If they do not feel respected or appreciated, they will move on.

Generation Z’s prefer face-to-face communication rather than email or texting, which means for social media they prefer to use Skype, Facetime and Snapchat to communicate. They are confident in speaking and feel they have something to say.

Generation Z - communication

With all the above in mind, it is even more vital today to be reachable to this influential generation and to provide the service that they are seeking in order for you not to be missed.

If you’re trying to reach out to this age group and to provide a service that they would use and recommend to others, it is definitely worth looking at your social media strategy and how your online presence is perceived.


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