Taking care of your mental health in the workplace is of the utmost importance – so we invited organiser Dan Willis of Why Digital to tell us some more about Do it Day. Over to you, Dan!

“We wanted to put on DoitDay Bournemouth to create something that pulls people’s attention and help employers understand the true impact that mental well-being can have to their organisation. This is because, at least one in six workers experiences common mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. Mind’s latest research shows that work is the biggest cause of stress in people’s lives, more so than debt or financial problems. – Not only that, stress can stop people performing at their best (or even at all).

Do it Day

By shedding some light on the subject, and creating a conversation within the workplace, our aim for DoitDay Bournemouth was to help employers and employees learn more about mental health is, find the support they need if they require it, and pass Mind’s service onto their friends and colleagues who may need it. Partnering with the Drum and Dorset Mind, Do It Day was a one day “fringe” Hackathon. Unlike most hacks, we connected with the whole Bournemouth community to encourage the best and brightest creative minds to collaborate to combat the stigma that surrounds mental health in the workplace.

Do it Day

The day was an incredible success! In fact, with over 12 leading local organisations rolling up their sleeves, trying to make a real difference in the world, and helping inspire others to do the same is, professionally, it gave me a sense of pride that I hope everyone gets to experience at some point in their career.

Unbelievably, our great work didn’t go unnoticed within the Bournemouth creative community! So much so, that during the day, multiple agencies decided to try to destigmatise mental health in their own way; creating a variety of campaigns/ products, from AI based web applications to simply taking the time out to talk about mental health together. In essence, I am proud to say that everyone who attended Do it Day has contributed to this, and has started a conversation that I hope will continue for a long time!”


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