This may sound like an obvious point – but wanting to create engagement and get likes on your Facebook Page means that you’ve got to CREATE a great Facebook Page to start with, as well as creating great posts to go on there!

The most important thing to remember is that all your information needs to be filled in, look professional and show your company branding. The Page needs to be recognisable as being your business, otherwise people may think that they have landed on the wrong Page and go elsewhere. On top of that there needs to be great content too!

Here’s some tips on how to achieve and create a great Facebook Page:

The About Section

The first part is to ensure that all your information is correct and up to date. This is the key information about your business and if anything is incorrect within it, a) it may make it harder to have your Page verified and b) people will see it as unprofessional if they cannot get hold of you through the information you have provided.

The About section is extremely important as it gives your business its credibility and can convince your readers to give your Lage a like. It also helps your Page get seen outside of Facebook when people are looking for your business on search engines, which will direct them to your Facebook Page.

Facebook also views a Page with a complete profile as more credible which helps when it comes to the Facebook algorithm, helping more people to see your Posts.

Choose A Related Name

When setting up your Facebook Page be sure to choose a Page name that reflects your business and is easy to find. If someone knows your brand or company name, that is what they will search for in Facebook. Keep it simple and uncomplicated.

The same goes for if you change the username for the Page. This is the URL that is allowed to be changed once you have received 25 fans. Try to make it as close to your business name as possible to eradicate confusion.

Cover and Profile Images

Always strive to create professional and business related cover images for your Facebook business Page. Your header and profile pictures are the first thing that a reader sees when discovering your Page – and this first impression counts.

Try to ensure that your images are the correct sizes than they are supposed to be, the last thing someone wants to see is a stretched or squashed badly copied logo pinned at the top of your Page.

We love Canva and it’s the ideal (free) program to create your perfect social media headers. The profile image on your Facebook Page should be set at 180 x 180 pixels and the header image should be 820 x 312 px. It’s also a good idea to show your business logo within these images to create a recognisable brand awareness.

Customise your page with relative tabs

As a business Page you can customise the tabs that fall on the left hand side of your page. Tabs give you the option to showcase custom content rather than the standard ‘about’ and ‘photos’ pages. This is good for your marketing as they enable you to create a better user experience for your page visitors, offering more than the standard.

create a great Facebook page

Include a call to action on your Page

Use the call to action button to fulfill your objectives. This can be set as a number of options, so if you’d prefer someone to give you a call to discuss your products, set the button as “Call Now”. If you’d like a reader to sign up to your newsletter, you can ask them to “sign up”. You may be in the service industry and you’d like people to book an appointment, call them to “book now”. Placed at the top of your Facebook Page, they are a great feature to enable to you to direct a visitor to the place you’d like to them to go. Utilise this button and mention it in your posts to make people more aware.

Pin a top-performing Post

If you’ve had a Post perform particularly well, why not pin it to the top of your feed? That way everyone who visits your Page will see this Post first.

Perhaps you’ve got a promotion going on that you’d like to shout about – you can pin the promotional Post to the top so it’s the first post that your readers will see.

A pinned Post can be changed at any time but provides a great way for a particular Post to be seen.

Link to your Facebook Page from your website

And one final point; it’s always a good idea to point readers to your social media channels whenever you can. Having a link on your website to your Facebook Page can be as simple as an icon in your footer or making a sidebar widget showing your Facebook feed. If people can jump straight to your Facebook Page rather than having to search for it – it will draw more people to it and create more engagement.

Following these simple steps to create a great Facebook Page and this will without doubt prove beneficial to your business. The more professional and attractive your Page looks, along with creating engaging content, the more people will become aware of your brand.

If you’d like help setting up your business Facebook Page or would like any advice on creating a great Facebook Page, get in touch!


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