How to set up an Instagram business profile correctly is a question we are also asked – and is it worth a brand switching to a business profile rather than a personal one?

We recommend that you do – making the switch to an Instagram Business profile will give you access to a number of features (‘Business Tools’) that business owners may find useful. In Instagram’s own words:

“Businesses have been a part of the community since the beginning, using the platform as a way to showcase their products and services in a rich, visual context”.

Firstly, make sure that your app is updated to the latest version (you can check this in the App Store). Then go to your profile page and tap on the wheel at the top right, then select ‘Switch to Business Profile’.

From here, you will flip through screens that tell you how you’ll be able to use your business profile to:

  • Connect to your Business Facebook page – note, this is required!
  • Add a phone number, email, or location so customers can reach you directly from a button on your profile.
  • Learn about your followers and see how your posts are performing.
  • Create promotions on Instagram that help you grow your business.

One of the main reasons we really recommend brands make the switch to a Business profile is you can now get actionable information (‘Instagram Insights’) about which posts perform best, which days of the week and times are best to post and the demographic breakdown of your followers – and knowledge is power!

You can also promote any posts you’ve shared, and include a button like ‘Learn More’ to reach new customers in your target audience. Learn how to do this HERE.

After you post something to your new business profile, you’ll get details on the impressions and reach from your posts, plus the number of website clicks from your business profile.

You can also now get a breakdown of your followers by gender, age range, location, and the times/days they’re most likely to be online. The latter may prove useful when planning your Instagram posting schedule and any Instagram advertising.

Have you switched to an Instagram Business profile yet? What are your thoughts?


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