We often get asked how brands can make the most of Instagram to appeal to their target market, so it was definitely blog post worthy! With currently over 300 million active users and 70 million images shared daily, how do brands make sure they stand out and get noticed? We’ve compiled some of our top tips on how to use Instagram for business to help you get the best out of your account.

  1. SET YOUR GOALS! Work out exactly what you are looking to acheive from your Instagram account and how it fits into your wider marketing strategy, whether that’s increased product uplift, brand awareness or changing a perception.
  2. BE SOCIAL! Instagram is a social network after all – so make sure you interact with other accounts that are relevant to your niche. Follow these accounts and like their images – this will get you on their radar and they may well give you a follow back. Search for brands whose success you would like to emulate – see who is following them and give them a follow as well. Leave comments – but remember the golden rule…. NEVER be spammy! Be genuine and watch those likes increase.
  3. GET IT RIGHT! Make sure your account is set up correctly! This might seem an obvious one but ensure your profile bio is succinct and relevant and if you’re a brand, we always recommend you use your logo to encouage instant recognition (bear in mind that it will be cropped into a circle and appear as a 150 x 150 pixel image on most phones). Include your company website and make sure you have filled out your company name (‘full name’) as well as your Instagram handle.
  4. # IT UP! Hashtags form a vital part of getting your content noticed on Instagram. Spend some time working out the most relevant ones for your business and make sure you use them effectively (on relevant images!) to ensure you appear in the streams you most want to appear on.Hashtag Speech Bubble Concept
  5. SHARE! You can set up your Instagram photos so they can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter. This is a great idea for encouraging interaction across all your social media accounts but be careful not to flood your other feeds – remember what’s suitable for one network may not be suitable for another. We advise you to share on an image by image basis – Instagram will give you this option before you post each picture.
  6. BE CREATIVE! A great example is that of cream cheese brand Philadelphia who used Instagram to generate awareness of the launch of their new ‘Philly Pourovers’ line by creating a suite of tactile Instagram images that featured the cream cheese shaped into fun, summer-themed artworks, like a pair of sunglasses and a cricket set. This brought massive success, with the campaign achieving a tremendous 41%* percent uplift in product sales*.
    PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Logo.  (PRNewsFoto/PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese)

    PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Logo. (PRNewsFoto/PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese)

  7. GET THINGS MOVING! Consider using videos in your instagram feed to add variety and showcase your products or even just to help provide a flavour of your brand ethos. We love Hyperlapse for really cool time lapse videos – we reviewed it here.
  8. TAG IT! Use Instagram’s tagging option to include the location of your photo or video when it helps to tell the story of the image. Use the ‘Add People’ feature to tag accounts in your image when they will help you to reach a broader audience.

Happy Instagramming – let us know how you get on! Please share this post if you have found it interesting.

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