As a business, having a presence on Twitter is now increasingly important for brand awareness. Your tweets will now make you more discoverable by Google, which will increase your “findability” and increase your brand’s reach.

Setting up a good Twitter profile is pretty straight forward, however it’s easy to overlook the obvious when you are juggling the day to day of running your own business.

Here are 5 ways to improve your company twitter profile you can do in an hour!


Make sure your profile pictures are consistent through all your social media networks – we advise that your company logo should usually be your profile picture for instant recognisability of your brand. Also, make sure that your cover photo is always up to date – this is your opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality, highlight special offers or products and demonstrate your creativity. Use to re-size your images to the correct dimensions to ensure they always look the best they can!


You need to optimise your bio, and that is a challenge in only 160 characters. Mention your services succinctly and try to add a bit of personality! Always add a URL for your business in your bio and hashtags if relevant. Relevant emoticons are being used more and more these days too and they help provide impact (we love ’em!)


Your business may be global, but it helps to put your location in your bio, so that people can add you to directories for certain areas, and it also helps with offline networking. Only 66% of Twitter users accurately complete the “location” field of their profile, notes a PARC research study. The other 34% are missing out on the ability to be found by those searching for these users.


By starting to categorize the people you follow in list, you will look like a serious Tweeter. You can follow relevant businesses, people, topics or whatever you choose. Generally, people like being added to these lists as it helps their Twitter credibility.

Twitter etiquette

Always reply if someone tweets you and thank people for retweets (RT’s). This makes it more personalised and conversational, which is what a social media platform is all about! Keep an eye on your following to follower ratio – if you follow too many people at one time, Twitter can penalise you.

As far as content goes, don’t be afraid to retweet your tweets – the average lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes. You should post important messages at two or three different times of day so they don’t get lost.

If you follow these guidelines to improve your company Twitter profile let us know – happy tweeting!


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