A new announcement from Instagram has been annouced – launching a new feature allowing users to follow specific Instagram hashtags, in addition to following profiles, with posts using these hashtags entering in your main feed.

This will prove beneficial in using Instagram for search engine capacity and giving the ability to engage in more specific posts relating to your interests.

In a previous post we explored the benefits of Instagram’s Explore which is still a great tool, and how this could be used to for specific targeting and research.

With both these tools combined it gives way to a better Instagram experience, allowing a user to focus more on what they want to see rather than generic posts.

Instagram hashtag follow

There will be a filtering out process on Instagram hashtags that will need to take place in order for you to see just the type of posts that you want to and you will be able to click an ‘I don’t like this’ option from a drop-down on each post.

Businesses can start to use more specific hashtags going forward to be able to attract their idea audience. With targeted hashtags you can really start to drill down on who you want to reach out to and utitlise this function as much as possible.

On the flip side of that, for the person searching Instagram, instead of #cat a user can search for #catsofinstagram and bring their search criteria right down to what they really want to see.

How to access the Instagram hashtag following

It’s easy to get started using the new hashtag follow function, simply head over to Instagram and search for a topic that you are interested in (or you can click on a hashtag from any post). When the list of relevant hashtags appear, find one that you like the look of any simply press the follow button once on the feed.

The first time you try to do this, you’ll be presented with a greeting screen from Instagram with a few introductions to the new service.

Instagram Hashtags

The chosen Instagram hashtags will start to filter posts into your feed and some of the relevant latest stories in your stories bar at the top. Don’t worry, you can unfollow a hashtag at any time but repeating the step and clicking unfollow.

It’s not sure what impact this new feature will have going forward to Instagram but it’s definitely a positive move for companies looking to reach out to their potential clients and for users to have a more user friendly experience.

If you’re thinking about incorporating Instagram into your social media strategy or would like advice on how it can impact your business, get in touch – we’d love to help!

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