Social Media Managers everywhere rejoiced this week as Instagram rolled out its latest update, finally allowing users to switch between accounts within the app rather than having to log out and log in under a different username.

The new feature is one we’ve been waiting for forever and to be honest, can’t see why they haven’t brought out this option in a similar way to Twitter a long time ago. Gone are the days of having to log out of one account and log back in with another – bloggers everywhere are jumping on this feature and we predict a period of growth for the network as users will now find it much easier to upload content quickly.

To add a new account, first log into your Instagram account and head to your profile. Click on the wheel/’gear’ on the top right hand corner to bring up the ‘OPTIONS’ tab – you should now see the option to ‘Add Account’ in the list of options available.

Simply click on ‘Add Account’ and add in the details of the next Instagram account you wish to add – currently the network will allow you to add up to five accounts in total. You can now switch between your accounts by clicking on the downwards facing arrow by your account name at the top of your profile which will bring up a list of your accounts. Remember that you will receive push notifications for all of the accounts you have added so you may want to adjust this within your phone or tablets’ Settings.

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