If you already love Instagram, here’s the chance to spice up your feed even more! The latest announcement from Instagram confirms that users will now have the ability to add GIF stickers to Stories, aiming to encourage people to get more creative.

Instagram have teamed up with GIPHY so that users are free to use the custom-made GIF library available, with transparent backgrounds which they can add to any part of a photo or image they choose.

Here’s what Instagram has to say:

When you tap to add a sticker to a photo or video in stories, you’ll now see a new GIF option. Tap it to open a library full of hundreds of thousands of moving stickers powered by GIPHY. You can browse what’s currently trending on GIPHY or search their extensive collection to find a sticker for just about anything. From bouncing letters and twirling hearts to dancing cats and pizza in space, these animated stickers help you make any photo or video funny, interesting or creative.

Instagram stories GIF

Image: Instagram

This is a great move and will no doubt boost the use of Instagram Stories especially as Snapchat does not have the facility for GIFs or Boomerang-like sharing as yet (just the recently added animated sticker collection, which at present is quite limited in its choices). This also means that GIPHY can stay on top of the latest GIF trends and Instagram will see their services soar.

Along with this announcement, Instagram have also said that they will be rolling out the ability to share videos and stories of any size to a Story. This will give users a wider option when it comes to sharing content and providing them with a more creative approach to their feed. Videos will not need to go through the Live Instagram Stories camera, all can be done from the usual camera function on your phone, making it much easier to capture every part of what you need to.

GIF stickers have launched with Instagram this week in the app’s version 29 update on iOS and Android, and the company have said that the custom sized stories should be available in coming weeks.

If you’re looking to boost your visual online presence, then Instagram could be the perfect solution for you and your business. Why not get in touch today to see how we can help you get started?


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