Thank you to Just Entrepreneurs, who recently invited South Coast Social Founder Clare to chat over her plans for our company growth!


How do you set yourself apart from other businesses in your industry?

By consistently striving to be the best. We’re a small team, passionate about what we do and incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of social media. We always aim to offer exemplary customer service and results – we know that brands trust us with their online image and also often a quite significant social media advertising budget and we take that very seriously.


What’s the single most important decision that you made, that contributed to your business?

I would say hiring great people. When you launch a business, it’s all on you but as you expand, you need to surround yourself with a talented team that believes in your vision for growth and that’s exactly what I have been building at South Coast Social. When you employ for the first time it’s always nerve wracking as you’re responsible for other peoples lives but I believe in building a company culture that makes us a really attractive place to work.


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