We believe completely in the power and potential of social media, but there are a small minority who hide behind the anonymity social networks can provide to abuse and taunt others. It was encouraging, therefore to learn that from yesterday Twitter is rolling out new measures to target those responsible and increase the speed with which they are dealt.


It’s about time, say some critics of the networks ability to monitor the online safety of its users as well as the content shared. This includes trolling; impersonations, self-harm and the sharing of private and confidential information. According to The Drum, overall Twitter will now review five times as many user reports as it previously did and it has tripled the size of its support team focused on handling abuse reports.

The network will of course never be able to completely irradiate online abuse, but these new measures have been welcomed by charities and those who have previously criticised Twitter for its lack of ability to deal with trolls and those who use social media to torment others, such as in the case of Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda who was forced to quit the platform after being sent mocked-up pictures of her father after he committed suicide.

Hopefully this will give Twitter users the confidence that this behaviour on the site will no longer be tolerated – we shall wait to see how the new strategy is implemented over the coming weeks.

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