As you look to grow your business, there are many avenues you can explore when it comes to social media. However sometimes the most simple trends such as using recurring Twitter hashtags are the most effective and can have a large impact on your marketing success.

The great thing about Twitter analytics is that it lets you view data on recurring trends, allowing you see commonly used Twitter hashtags which can then be used to increase your brand awareness on Twitter.

It’s simple to do and as long as you keep your brand guidelines in mind, your marketing efforts will not be lost with these recurring Twitter hashtags!



The perfect start to every week, this recurring hashtag has become extremely popular and is practical for almost any business, applicable to male or female.

This hashtags allows a business to be inspirational to a wide audience whilst at the same time ensure a little bit of ‘you’ can be seen through the post.

You can see from this example that a golf company has used a general quote which can be tailored to their ideal audience, allowing a better organic reach to take place. It’s a generic quote which could be applied to many lines of work but due to the image used – it has been branded towards the golf industry.



This is another weekly hashtag that is extremely popular which can be used again for most industries. The hashtag can be used to inspire or to tell a story, like this post from the RSPCA has done. Using a trending hashtag will gain more traction because people are already searching for them on a regular basis so incorporating it into your brand or a story related to your business will allow more people to see the post.

#TBT (Throwback Thursday)


This hashtag is used to showcase posts or products that have previously been shared and is a way to relight something that may have been forgotten.

This recurring hashtag saw 4.5 million tweets in 2016 with 389 million impressions – that’s large number of people that a business could reach if they used this on a weekly basis.

This hashtag is one not to be missed, use it as a chance to share your company history or fun facts about your business.



A hashtag that seems to be popular with a wide audience specifically with people aged 18-34, this one gives change for something different. It’s easy to use a trending hashtag but ensure that you tailor it to your business to reap the results.

This example shows the London Library using the #TravelTuesday hashtag, where they have carefully used it in a different light to attract their own ideal audience.

#WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)

Woman Crush Wednesday

This hashtag may not be as well known as the above, but it definitely has influence if you’re looking to use it. The idea behind this hashtag is to give recognition to a female role model who you would like to show thanks to. This could go to a business partner or team member, or even a client or contact. It’s a way of reflecting your business values.

The hashtag is evenly used by both men and women and is more commonly seen in the US between 18-24 year olds, but is used worldwide.

As with any social media platform, to ensure great results, a business needs to be on top of their game and have a marketing strategy in place that incorporates each platform. If you’d like help in creating a marketing strategy or guidance on how to be more effective with social media, then we’d love to talk – get in touch and let’s move your business to the next level!


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