Should I Use Hashtags On Facebook?


Hashtags on Facebook – introduced back in 2013 after their growing popularity on Twitter, but they have DEFINITELY had a mixed welcome! When you click on a hashtag, you’ll see a feed of what other people and Pages are saying about that event or topic. But the question is (and it’s one we get asked a lot!) – are hashtags on Facebook as effective as they are on other platforms?

As there is no limit on how many tags you can use on Facebook, some people have abused them and list lots and lots of hashtags on their posts, which can actually be detrimental when it comes to engagement.

Social Bakers hashtag researchBuffer go so far as to say that “Facebook posts without a hashtag fare better than those with a hashtag” following research from Buzzsumo.

Buzzumo hashtag infographic

So what’s right for you?

If you are looking to push your brand across multiple platforms (although remember our mantra – pick your networks wisely and do them well!), hashtags are a good way to do this, so it would be logical to use the same hashtag on Facebook too. The effectiveness of using hashtags on Facebook for your business will also come down to your audience and how engaged with using hashtags they are.

Hashtags can also be a great way to jump onto a trending topic – IF it’s relevant for your brand. Don’t make the mistake of adding in a completely irrelevant hashtag to your Post, just because it’s trending! However, if your business can add valuable insight to a topic that’s currently newsworthy then go for it – it will definitely help your Post stand out.

The golden rules are:

  1. Do not use more than two hashtags in your posts.
  2. Make sure you are checking to see how effective the hashtag is. If you have a large audience, do a test between a post without a hashtag and one with and see which one fares better.

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