So, you have a great idea for a blog post and you’re all logged in to Blogger or WordPress ready to go. But how can you make sure what you have to say gets seen and shared by your target audience? We have put together some simple and easy tips to help you get the best out of your blog.pinterest_iphone5s

  1. Add social media sharing icons under each post – these will ensure that if people like your content, they share it with their followers too who will then also hopefully visit your post online. Pinterest is ideal for sharing images in lifestyle posts to promote your site or if you simply have some great images demonstrating your brand.
  2. Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in your chosen field by writing tutorials and ‘how-to’ guides. Don’t be afraid to do this – your business is still getting noticed and it’s a great way to effectively establish your credibility.
  3. Think about including guest blog posts to your site – these provide fresh content as well as a new perspective and can really help to build your audience. If you have a YouTube channel, you could interview satisfied customers or someone in your industry you admire and embed that into your blog post, driving traffic to both channels.YouTube-logo-full_color
  4. Make sure you post regularly, but don’t bombard your followers with content as this can sometimes have the undesirable effect of making them switch off. Most blogging platforms enable you to set up a schedule of posts so you can write posts in advance and really plan out your content – this is great if you are planning a series of posts on one subject. Frequent posts are also great for SEO which will means you can increase the chance of your blogs content being seen by search engines.
  5. Join online forums or social networking groups on Facebook or LinkedIn to promote
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    your blog. You can include a link to your blog or sometimes even your latest post to your forum profile, but again remember not to be too ‘spammy’ and make sure you provide relevant input to the

  6. Send your blog post out to anyone who is mentioned in it – chances are they will be interested in reading and promoting it as well. You can even ask them to specifically share it to their followers and perhaps offer to reciprocate with a post they have written.
  7. Make sure you add relevant tags to all your blog posts. It only takes a few seconds to do but again can really help with getting your blog post noticed by search engines which in turn will drive traffic to your site.
  8. Finally – enjoy it! Ensure you are writing content that interests you and that will shine through your blog post. Be confident in your own writing and others will want to read what you have to say. Now get blogging!
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