Have you ever taken a moment to stop and look back at social media and how far it has come over the past few years? It’s amazing to see the incredible journey that the different platforms have been down over such a relatively short space of time.

The term social media used to once refer to a few platforms, namely Facebook and Twitter, where not much was known about them. Often in the business world, the use of social media was doubted and frowned upon. However now in 2017, there is a whole universe of different networks that you can interact with, for both business and personal use, where a large amount of people spend a great deal of time on to share greater experiences.

social media networking

Looking at the below infographic “The Conservation Prism 5.0.” by Brain Solis and JESS3, we can really start to get a clear picture of what the networks are about and how they are intended to be used.

Social Media: The conversation prism  5.0


How can we use the infographic to help our social media marketing?

Starting from the centre of the prism we notice that it starts with ‘YOU’; a place where you can put yourself in the centre of the experiences around you

“It’s meant to remind the viewer that social media is about the people in the center of their online experiences. Social media is much more than a series of broadcast networks. You shape the experiences of others as they shape your online experiences,” Solis said.

The first circle around the centre shows the ways that ‘you’ can interact with the networks.
Listen / Engage / Learn / Co-create

The second circle emphasises how they can impact the networks.
Influence / Popularity / Read / Relevance / Resonance / Social Capital

These two circles work together to impact and organise the categories of networks into who they can used to influence:
Community / Brand / Persona

And finally we can see all the range of networks and what categories they fall into. A detailed view of the variety of platforms for engaging and influencing.

Using this chart, you are able to adapt a marketing strategy using your social media platforms to engage with the right audience using the right channels.

If you’re struggling in deciding which social media channels are right for your business, this infographic can be a great help in knowing which ones to use and how to make them work for you.


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