Black Friday is almost upon us and brands are getting ready for the day where everything becomes a competition for attention and to showcase the best-ever offers.

Black Friday always falls the Friday after Thanksgiving and on this day sales can spike dramatically, bringing in four-times as much revenue than other days in the month. Many businesses extend their offers through the weekend and promote Cyber Monday too.

Social media plays a big part in promoting Black Friday and it’s a great time of the year when businesses can jump on board and use its full potential. And as we speak, there are thousands of social media campaigns bouncing around the internet, grabbing the attention of millions of people.

Social media has an ability to reach a much larger audience than any offline material – are you ready to take advantage of the internet of things?

How can you ensure that your Black Friday promotions are successful?

Marketing Plan

As with anything, having a plan is essential to seeing things through to completion in a successful manner. This therefore goes for your Black Friday event too. Plan your social media campaigns from start to finish. What do you wish to achieve? Who are you targeting? What have you got to offer? How are you going to achieve it? What content streams are you going to use?

Plan your posts

Planning the timing of your posts is as important as the actual planning of the campaign. You may have a fantastic offer with great copy, but if no one sees it, it will be wasted. A well-timed post can make all the difference between great engagement and a campaign crash. We suggest that you create all your images and posts in one go which will give your campaign consistency and continuity, applicable to your message and design. From there use a scheduling tool to publish them at different times of the day (the times you know your audience are online and active). By scheduling posts in advance you also have the reduced stress of having to be online at those points in time, enabling you to focus on the sales that do come through.

Utilise your social media profiles

When people land on your profiles, you want them to know from the start that you have deals going on. This can be accomplished right from your profile page:

  • Create a custom profile picture and cover photo that promotes your Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaigns.
  • Add a call to action button that takes visitors to your Black Friday landing page.
  • Pin a post to the top of your profile that announces your best Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount.
branding for Black Friday campaigns

Brand your campaign

If you have any paid advertising online, ensure that these all tell the same story. Create your profile images to be in line with your paid advertising, so that a user associates the same business when they click through from an advert.

When it comes to competing with other businesses – don’t! Be unique and allow your own brand to speak volumes rather than trying to do everything the same as another successful business.

Use the keywords in your campaigns that shoppers will be looking for #BlackFriday #CyberMonday etc but also add a twist of your own that makes your campaign different and branded with your business.

Build a sense of urgency

Most shoppers will already have a sense of urgency when it comes to their Black Friday purchases, but you can still instill some ‘urgency’ into them through your social media campaigns. Use call to action words in your posts to trigger people into thinking that it is a limited offer and that they need to take immediate action, words like:

  • Now
  • Today only
  • Shop Now
  • Limited-time offer
  • Limited-number available
  • Hurry

Create gift packages

With Christmas only a month away, shoppers are on the look-out for gifts for their loved ones. You can make the selection of choosing presents even easier by supplying your products as gift packages, already created and ready to go.

Use your keywords in your campaigns to attract shoppers searching for gift ideas in your niche along with your usual customers. You can use hashtags that are relevant to your packages, alongside the Black Friday obvious ones such as #christmasgifts or #giftsforher.

Use people’s emotions

Social media does touch on emotions, depending on your market and the people you are speaking to. The content and posts that tends to go viral are the ones that make people ‘feel’ something, hence touching emotions.

Black Friday social media campaigns

Put these into the centre of your campaigns and individual posts, when people start engaging, there’s more opportunity for posts to be shared and to be seen by a wider audience.

Make sure it’s mobile

Mobile shopping has to be at the forefront of every business. Make sure that your websites and storefronts are mobile friendly when shoppers are directed from your social media accounts to your website. This can be a losing trait for may businesses, who have all the great campaigns on social but don’t put the same effort into the website.


Businesses are making it as easy as possible for shoppers to spend their money with them. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become known worldwide as days for amazing deals. It’s better to join these businesses than to be against them.. Are you in?

Want to plan ahead? If you’re not ready this year to join the trend of Black Friday but are aware that you should do, why not get prepared for next year. This strategy can be applied to many social media campaigns that go on throughout the year. Let us help you put your marketing strategy together, giving you focus for 2019. Get in touch today!


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