Looking to unleash your company’s social media potential, but not sure where to start? Our unique social media training programmes can help.

Whether you already have social networks set up for your business and need some guidance or want to start completely from scratch, our social media training programmes will set you and your team up with all the knowledge you need to successfully run your business social media, foster a genuine interaction with your target audience and start to create results.


Our unique social media training is based on your exact requirements – whether it’s getting to grips with Twitter and Facebook or you want to ensure your LinkedIn profile is fully optimised, we can ensure we focus on exactly what YOU want to learn.

Perhaps you already have a grasp of Facebook but really want to gain a thorough understanding of how Pinterest could help increase sales, or how Twitter could help you engage with your potential customers? Not a problem. Maybe you just want to find out more about how you can demonstrate ROI (that old marketers favourite!) on your social media through analytics tools, or get to grips with social media advertising such as promoted tweets or sponsored posts? We can do that too.

Our social media training course is available for between one and four people per session in Bournemouth (and surrounding areas) or London.

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