Why We Love Micro-Influencers

why use a micro-influencer

The term micro-influencer has become a buzzword over past months and for good reason. According to the big global publications such as Inc., micro-influencers have been named as the industry’s next big ‘thing’ and its importance will continue to grow as we move forward digitally. So, what are micro-influencers and what exactly is all the… Read more »


Twitter Stats That Matter To Social Marketers

Understanding your data is what’s behind a great marketing strategy. Creating a plan that works with the information you already have established will help you build a practical and workable Twitter marketing strategy that creates the best results.


How To Use Instagram Explore For Your Brand Marketing

Everyone knows that most photos on Instagram are staged, they are not quick snaps! People spend hours on end to get the perfect light, the perfect filter – just to get one image onto their Instagram profile. However, Instagram’s Explore page is a net of all things that may be of interest to you, whether… Read more »