What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is essentially a business listing service. It provides information about a particular business when searched for within Google. And best of all you can take charge of what people see when they search for your business.


Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Having a blog for your business is key – it’s the perfect avenue for sharing PR, news, information, company updates, exclusive offers and adds real value to your website. There are many more reasons why your business needs a blog, and here at South Coast Social we help our clients with copywriting and ideas. If… Read more »


The Benefits Of Using Social Media For Business

social media marketing

As larger businesses embrace social media and the benefits that come with using it on a regular basis, it becomes even more important for companies to use social media for their marketing. With social media growing at a rapid rate, we realise that instead of avoiding the use of it, businesses can use it to… Read more »