As larger businesses embrace social media and the benefits that come with using it on a regular basis, it becomes even more important for companies to use social media for their marketing.

With social media growing at a rapid rate, we realise that instead of avoiding the use of it, businesses can use it to their advantage and make the most of what it has to offer.

What are the advantages of using social media?

Building your brand.
You reputation is vital to a successful business. If you’re building a reputable, loyal and trustworthy brand then you will gain loyal and happy customers.

Most people will research their product of choice before making a purchase. In this digital age most people will do that via an online source.

The more a person can find out about your company and the more recommendations they can find, the better chance of a sale is provided.

Using social media will enable to you create an image of what you want your potential customers to hear about, to know about you and what they can purchase from you. It will be your online voice in a busy, hustling world.

Customer Service.
Consumers expect prompt and instant answers. Gone are the days where you write a letter or even make a phone call and wait for a call back. With the use of social media, people can click on a button and send you a message – which is then waited upon for a swift response.

This can be used to your advantage and can be a personal voice behind your brand. Used professionally, social media can provide lasting relationships with customers and get them coming back for more.

social media can provide great customer service

Sales Conversations
Every time you post on social media, it’s an opportunity to shout about your brand and an opportunity for customers to convert.

This goes without saying that the more you post (relevant content; stick to your brand guidelines), the more chances there are for people to hear about you. Not every post will convert into a sale but it’s a chance for you to be heard.

This also gives opportunity for current customers to recommend your services to a friend when they see your content in front of them.

Increased traffic to your website.
The more content that you share across your social media channels, the more opportunity there is for your brand to be seen. This in turn gives more opportunity for people to click through to your website. The benefits of this include better SEO and your company rising the list up in online searches. Google and other search engines may include social media in their calculations for ranking therefore being active and social shows authority and goes to show that you are a legitimate and credible brand.

Of course the obvious is good with increased website traffic – the more people who enter your site, the more opportunity there is for a sale to be made.

Social media is cost effective.
Compared to the cost of an advert in an offline publication or the cost of hearing your voice on the radio – being active on social media is a very cost effective way to market your business.

It’s simple, to the point and leaves a digital footprint forever to be seen.

Adding daily updates to your social media keeps your customers informed, provides room for promotions and keeps your brand in people’s minds when they are seeking your product.

Social media is no longer a ‘new’ thing and is definitely here to stay so if you’re not yet on board, make those first steps to jumping on the boat and embracing the advantages it has to offer.


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