Is my message too long? When can I follow up? Is it offensive if I leave this never ending group chat?

In a quest to answer some of these questions, Facebook spoke to over 3,500 people across the UK, US and Australia to find out their ultimate do’s and don’ts when it comes to messaging. 

They found that nearly three quarters of respondents believe a ‘messaging etiquette’ should be used when communicating through messaging app.

To bring their findings to life, Messenger partnered with Debrett’s, the renowned authority on modern etiquette, to develop the first formal guide of its kind called The Art of Digital Messaging_A Guide to Communication in the Digital Age!

Here’s what they found….


“We are delighted to work with Messenger from Facebook on a definitive guide to communication in the era of digital messaging, which was informed by extensive research as well and our expertise in courteous and considerate communication,” says Katherine Lewis, Debrett’s Etiquette Expert.

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