When was the last time you looked into your Google Analytics? We hear from so many clients who have got analytics tracking code set up on their website but have never even generated a report or logged in to see whether their website is working efficiently! Understanding your website traffic is incredibly important – you are more than likely losing opportunities to gain new customers as well as the potential to educate website visitors about your brand and the services you offer.

A full Website Analytics report from South Coast Social will help you;

    • Understand the path potential customers take through your website – what content do they search for?
    • Find out why people leave your site and not convert to new customers – what are the least popular pages and how can you rectify this?
    • Find out where your website traffic comes from geographically
    • Understand how people land on the site – what links do people click on to find you? What keywords do they search for?
    • How long do they spend on your site?
    • Identify where any online advertising budget would be best spent
    • Determine how much website traffic comes from your social media and identify areas to improve
    • Find out who visits your site from mobiles and tablets

Our website reports are easy to understand, can help your business start to generate real results for your business and most importantly, are very cost effective. Why not get in touch and find out more at info@southcoastsocial.com?

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