We’ve all heard of using influencer marketing to boost a marketing campaign (we explored this a little while ago on our blog) however we feel that finding a micro influencer is an ideal route to go down for small to medium sized businesses.

A micro influencer is a social media personality with a smaller following on their accounts than big celebrities but in turn have a very good engagement rate. They don’t have tens of thousands of people following them, but enough. They are comfortable in their niche and almost everything they post about revolves around that topic.

These people are passionate about what they are posting about and are usually trustworthy and genuine individuals who love to share about their particular passion. They are have an invaluable method of reaching your target audience at a much more affordable price to you.

How can you find a micro influencer in your niche?

finding a micro influencer

The easiest way to find relevant micro influencers is through a hashtag search on Twitter or Instagram. This will help you find social media users who are already interested in topics related to your industry.

This will allow you to find the top posts relating to the hashtag which you’ve searched on. For example, if you search for #weddinghair you will come across the latest best-performing posts. There will obviously be some big names within your search which you don’t necessarily want to look at but if you dig a little, you will find people who have a genuine interest in your topic and also have a good number of followers with good engagement among the list.

These are the people you want to target. These are the people that no matter what – they are interested in promoting content relating to that topic and their passions.

Micro influencers in your local area

You may be a small business looking for the help of micro influencers in your area to help promote your services. If so, you can use the same principle above to find these influencers.

A good place to start would be to look on Google (or your preferred search engine). Start with a search for the topic + location + ‘blogger’. This will bring up results of influential people in that location of which you can look through their blogs and social media accounts in order to find a way of contacting them.

Why use a micro influencer?

You may find this concept confusing, seeking out people who have a smaller following than large brands or bigger influencers but there are reasons why we think that a micro influencer is better for your online marketing than seeking big influencers.

Studies from Markerly show that as an influencer’s number of followers increases, their number of likes and comments from followers decreases. Therefore using a micro influencer would be more beneficial to your business marketing plan.

We have also found that micro influencers tend to have a more engaging and targeted following base.

“There’s such a thing as being too popular.” according to Digday

Engaging with micro influencers gives an opportunity to build realistic working relationships and the chance to promote your business or products on a larger scale than you could reach on your own and more affordable than if you tried to target the bigger celebrities or influencers.

Targeting an influencer who agrees to work with you will certainly amplify your brand but it’s always good to jump on the boat too and ensure that you re-share any posts / tweets / videos etc that they do for you and make the most of their work. This will not only reach your audience but theirs as well. It could be worth thinking about placing their videos or images on your website if you have one, or ensuring that you integrate their Instagram posts on there too for example. Very simple to do with the use of social media plugins now readily available.

On a practical note it would also be good to think about how you are going to remunerate the influencer and this should be negotiated prior to the promotions taking place. Sometimes if they are already interested in your products they may accept a sample of your product in exchange for their services – all things to consider when researching your micro influencers.

If you are looking to devise an influencer marketing strategy then our expertise and knowledge in the industry could be beneficial to you and your brand. Please get in touch and let us help move you forward with your future marketing strategies and in your business growth.



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