Twitter now lets brands say when they’re available to respond to tweets, with Marketing Land reporting the news that businesses’ Twitter profiles can now display the hours that a company is available to respond to people’s tweets — such as “24/7” or “4am-11pm” — and feature a button people can click to send it a direct message.

When people search for Twitter accounts, mention a brand’s account in a tweet or look through their list of direct message threads, they can see “Provides support” detail attached to a brand’s account name; it’ll look like the “Following” tag that’s appended when you see an account that you follow. In order to append this customer-support flag to their account names, brands will need to opt in through Twitter’s Dashboard tool, which is also what they’ll use to set their hours of availability.

Any business will be able to access these new features, but only if they enable anyone to send them a direct message, which can also be set in Dashboard.

Is this a positive thing? Well, we always advise that brands consistently monitor their social media profiles for mentions and DMs – however if this isn’t possible for you it is a way of letting your followers know when you won’t be able to respond (rather than them not knowing whether their comment has been noticed or actioned).

Will your business use this new feature?


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