Social media now plays a vital role in helping businesses reach a larger audience and to be able to engage with their customers and potential customers. However there are some industries that haven’t been as quick to jump on the bandwagon as others.

As we think about these industries, accountancy firms have seemed more reserved in their choice to join the social media networks or to use them for business use but we are starting to see an increase to these figures, which is great news!

Why is social media for accountants so important?

  • Stand out from their competitors
  • Be seen as thought leaders
  • Reach more potential clients
  • Provide an even better customer service
  • Showcase services and employees
  • Increase more online enquiries

We work with a number of accountants here at South Coast Social and we believe that by them having a social media presence, it gives more opportunity for business growth along with many other positive factors as listed above.

With anything, selecting the right platform for your business is a must to ensure maximum results. With this in mind, there are certain things we can look at for accountants to gain the best results in their social media marketing.

social media for accountants


Studies show that this seems to be the network of choice for many accountancy companies assisting in their networking and reaching of new clients. LinkedIn is a social network your business cannot afford to ignore. You may have heard that LinkedIn has 433 million users, 40 percent of whom check the platform every day.

With these figures, every accountancy company should be taking advantage of this and creating a business page that can be full of industry knowledge and services that your firm provides. It also gives room for indivudals to join groups and discussions in order to lead a way to their company profile. With many business-minded people engaging so highly in LinkedIn, this is a clear indication that there is room for everyone to have their say and to showcase their specialities and services.

Here are three reasons for using LinkedIn;

  • Keep in contact with professional network
  • Joining groups and associations
  • Networking and meeting new people


Twitter is a very fast paced social media platform and if used, needs to be updated on a regular basis. However if done correctly it can have a huge benefit to your business can create an engaged audience with the potential to reach new clients.

The platform gives opportunities for accountancy firms to showcase their human side, revealing their personalities and enabling them to have conversations with potential clients on a personal level.

It also gives a way for companies to answer online questions and provide solutions, which leads to showcasing expert industry knowledge and providing more than the average competition.

Twitter gives a perfect platform to be able to provide customer service for specific questions or queries that people may have. A great way to take advantage of this is to set up a Tweet Chat which gives an open communication channel for people seeking answers and wanting to gain more knowledge, whilst creating an online community for industry news and advice.

Here are three reasons for using Twitter:

  • Have the chance to follow individuals, groups and companies
  • Can share industry knowledge
  • Keeps companies up to date with industry news


This social media network still continues to be the most widely used network of all the social platforms boasting 2.01 billion monthly active users.

Just like Twitter, Facebook is used to present a more personal face to the business. This is great for accountancy firms as often people only have the need to speak to their accountant on a business level however through Facebook the business can be seen to be friendly and approachable.

Although we suggest that all posts are professional, we do believe that this is a platform where you can reach out to potential clients on a more personal level and in a way that they will find interesting and likeable.

Here are our three reasons for using Facebook:

  • To share knowledge
  • To follow local and industry related companies and well as get involved in groups
  • Keep people up to date with company news

How do we reach customers for our accountancy clients?

social media for accountants

We believe that it’s great to be able to share your expert knowledge, so the use of blogs is a great place to start on this. Writing and sharing blog posts can reach people you were unaware were looking for your services.

Social media for accountants can reach so much further than offline marketing, is less expensive and is more efficient. By implenting the specific points on each social media platform, we can engage with individuals and other companies by listening to their needs and expectations and reacting to them.

We can work with you to create a blog and to use this and the above points to create a social media strategy that engages with a wider, more engaging audience and to increase your online presence to help promote your business.

Hopefully we’ve demonstrated why social media for accountants is so important – get in touch with us today for an informal, no obligation chat!


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