Providing testimonials from people that have already used your services is a great way to prove that your products and service are what you say they are. Customer testimonials can help you engage with people that you may not usually be able to reach – a potential customer that you didn’t even know was there.

If you display customer testimonials on your website or social media account, you are giving that potential customer a distinct and valuable insight into your services which will assist them in deciding to buy from you.

customer testimonials

On your website

Ensure that your customer testimonials are easy to read and are displayed where your clients expect to find them.

If displayed correctly, a potential client should not have to look through pages and pages to find what they are looking for (which might lead them to shop elsewhere).

On your website, display the customer testimonials on pages that are relevant to what they refer to. Alternatively, you could display them on your front page (perhaps as a scrolling feed) for people to see as soon as they land on your site.

Another point to remember when thinking about customer experience is that although you are reaching out to new clients (with most businesses spending 80% of their marketing budget targeting new customers), it is important to not forget your existing clients. It’s also about making them feel appreciated and valued and knowing that their customer experience is as good as it could be.

When someone provides your business with a testimonial, show your appreciation.

  1. Thank them.
  2. Show the testimonial on your website.

This lets the customer know that you value their business and that they are important – which in turn will turn them into loyal brand advocates and encourage them to recommend your services to others. Don’t forget the power of word of mouth either – whether that be in a negative or a positive way!

Facebook reviews

We cannot stress the importance of good customer reviews to move your business forward but where better for your reviews to be seen? Where you can guarantee there is a large audience – on Facebook.

Many people will check out a business Facebook Page before moving forward with a purchase, to find out more about the company and its practices, values and customer reviews.

customer testimonials

Ask for reviews

Not every customer will think about reviewing your business even if they have received great service and there is definitely no harm in asking – in fact, we recommend it! It can be a valuable tool putting a process in place to ask for new customers to review your business.

If you are providing a service, then a good timescale could be a month after you have started working with them. A polite email letting them know that you value their business and have enjoyed working with them is great, with a call to action at the bottom asking them to provide a customer testimonial for you to share with future potential clients.

Within your email, direct them to your Facebook reviews section, usually within the tabs on the left hand side of your Facebook page. Use the URL from this section for them to follow in order to leave you a testimonial.

Facebook reviews

Once you have received reviews, you can use these to share to your business Page timeline and to shout out to your followers. Don’t forget to thank them too!

Another great idea to show appreciation for the review if you’ve got a creative flare, is to use the text from the review to create an attractive Facebook post to show it off!

If you are unable to see the review section on your Facebook page, your reviews may be switched off. This is an easy fix:

  1. Go to Settings from your admin dashboard on your Facebook page.
  2. Select Page Info.
  3. In Page Info select Address and you’ll be shown your business address, a map and a checkbox that says, “Show map, check-ins and star ratings on the Page.”
  4. Check the “Show map, check-ins and star ratings on the Page” box and Facebook users will have the ability to rate your business.

Google Reviews

As well as Facebook, you may be able to ask your customer for a Google review. If your business is registered on Google For Business with an office address, when you perform a Google search for your brand you should be greeted with a map and details about the business on the right hand side of the screen. Under the business information will be a section that shows all customer reviews – with a button that says “write a review”. This is where you can direct your new customers to be able to share their experiences.

Google reviews

Other benefits to customer testimonials

As well as providing an improved customer experience, customer testimonials from Facebook and Google will assist in your SEO (search engine optimisation). The more reviews your business receives and the more that your business is being talked about or searched for, the higher the chance of it appearing in a Google search.

If your business is appearing on page 4 of Google, or not appearing at all, you have less chance of potential customers finding your business and using your services. Again, customer experience is a high priority and many potential clients give up looking after going through a few page of Google – your business needs to appear close to the top!

In conclusion, receiving customer testimonials is an important step in your customer experience process and needs to be effective. Having excellent customer testimonials will help boost sales, enable you to widen your target audience and provide a positive impression of your brand.

If you’d like more advice on using customer testimonials to help your business grow, then get in touch!


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