We all know how busy life can be and running a hair or beauty salon can be quite challenging and at the same time you need to be marketing your business to attract and bring in the new clients.

Social media is a great way to be able to engage and connect with your clients and to attract potential customers to increase your brand awareness.

Why is social media for hair and beauty salons so important? 

  • Showcase your achievements
  • Promote your team
  • Engage with individuals
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Increase online sales and enquiries
  • Reach more potential clients
  • Stand out from the crowd

We live in an image-crazy digital world where people like to see an image rather than words. Someone looking for a new hairstyle or set of nails, would like to see a) a choice of what to choose from and b) what YOU can do.

This is your chance to shine. This is your chance to promote your business in a creative and inspirational way as to attract new clients and to prove what you are capable of.

In this type of industry, you are usually attracting and speaking to a geographical audience. Therefore, unless you are a part of a larger chain, you will need to focus your efforts on local surroundings. But this can be a positive aspect – make sure you are on top of local current affairs and things that surround you so that you can incorporate into your marketing strategies.

How to use social media for hair and beauty salons

why use social media in hair & beauty salons


With Facebook being the largest and most popular of all social media networks (over 2 billion active monthly users), we believe that having a business page for your salon is a must. This is a platform that allows you to engage on a one-to-one level, showcase your daily achievements and to show professionalism whilst being an industry leader.

Use your Facebook business page as your key communication tool.

  • Post images of everything that is happening in your salon.
  • Provide before and after shots
  • Promote any events that you have
  • Promote your off the shelf products that you are selling
  • Create Facebook contests or giveaways to keep interest engaged
  • Use your page to give exclusive deals


With 800 million users, Instagram is not a network you want to miss when it comes to promoting your images. As we mentioned before, people want to see images – more than text. Therefore having a business Instagram account to showcase all your salon images is a must.

It’s an opportunity to show your abilities and talents, market your business and share quirky photos that follow your brand’s image.

  • Stay on top of trends – use trend hashtags to attract an audience that is interested in your content.
  • Use geographic hashtags – tag your location to attract locals to your salon
  • Be fun – Instagram tends to be a younger audience, so use that and share fun posts.
  • Show before and after photos – these can take place of worded testimonials on this platform. Images can show good content sometimes better than wording.


Twitter can be a great way to share snippets of information or to point people to your website and other social media networks. Twitter can be used to share promotions or events and even to create contests.

Another great use for Twitter is to be able to show industry knowledge and to jump on trends, providing advice to people asking questions.

If you want to attract people to your salon, search for geographic hashtags to be able to communicate with local people – perhaps even asking them to pop in for a consultation.

Try to post when you know your audience will be online. For example, if you’re attracting parents – don’t post at school pick-up times! But instead perhaps evenings might be a good time, once they have put children to bed. Test different times of day to see what times gain the greater engagement.

  • Use short, to the point text, including links to your website
  • Promote special offers, including discount codes exclusively to Twitter
  • Engage with your audience; reply and thank people for following and retweeting
  • Post at ideal times of day
  • Share other articles that relate to your brand or salon
why hair & beauty salons should use social media

In conclusion we believe social media for hair and beauty salons provides a great opportunity to promote their business and to attract new customers. Using the above tips will enhance your social media marketing and create interactive engagement with your audiences.

Don’t forget that most people looking for a new salon will search online or social media platforms first before they enquire and your first impressions count!

If you’d like help in achieving a great social media strategy for your salon, we’d love to help. Please feel free to get in touch for an informal chat.


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