Why have a social media strategy? This is something we are often asked by our clients – what’s the point? Can’t we just wing it and start posting?

We believe having a social media strategy is invaluable in helping build a consistent social media presence. Your strategy should help you set goals and objectives for your business social media use, evaluate what your competitors are doing (and how you can do it better!)

Here’s some other reasons a social media strategy could help your brand stand out online!

Essentially, your social media strategy should form a key part of your marketing strategy. As part of this strategy you should be looking to undertake research to see what your competitors are doing on social media – what are they doing well? How can you stand out? Day to day, who will be managing your social media and how? Will you be pre-scheduling content?



Spend some time evaluating which social media networks are best for your brand – where is your audience? We are big believers in picking the RIGHT networks for your business and doing them WELL rather than trying to achieve a blanket coverage. Have a think about how you want to measure your social media success – more followers, brand advocates, website visits or conversions? Look into the analytics of your chosen platforms.

Work out what you what to be sharing! Remember, to generate deeper connections with your audience your social media strategy needs to truly highlight what is unique about your product or service. What makes your organisation special? Showcase these qualities in easily shareable and interesting ways. Explore potential storytelling angles about your brand – whether it’s your company mission, history, culture or the service you provide then aim to develop a consistent content strategy around these brand qualities.

If you need more advice on developing a unique social media strategy for your business, why not get in touch to see how we could help?


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