Facebook Messenger now has an incredible one billion active monthly users, but did you know that you can utilise Messenger for your business?


More and more, customers are contacting businesses through Messenger, with 53% saying they are more likely to buy if they can contact a shop via this channel. 67% expect to communicate with businesses via messaging over the coming 2 years, so it’s time to get your business ready! (via Facebook Insights)

It’s been proven that Messaging app retention is 1.9 times better than the average for one-month retention and 5.6 times better than the average for 12-month retention.


So if you want to offer great customer service, your business needs to be accessible through Messenger for your customers to contact you. But how can you do this?

Once you have set up Facebook Messenger and enabled it for your Facebook business Page (see here for a handy guide), you can:

  1. Set Up Instant Replies

Much like an email autoresponder, this is sent once someone messages your page. It gives you an opportunity to set expectations for a response time, answer frequently asked questions, or give links to your website.

  1. Set Up Greeting Text

This little-known tool is super useful for businesses. Your text appears in Facebook Messenger as soon as someone initiates a conversation with your Page, even before they send a message. You could use it to direct them to information about the services you provide, or highlight that they can contact you through Messenger.

  1. Use Messenger Codes

Messenger Codes allow users to connect with your business by scanning a simple graphic. The Messenger Code for your business is simply the profile picture for your business page, in its circular version, surrounded by dashes and dots that look a little bit like Morse code. You can add this to your website, social media networks, even business cards as a new way to be contacted.

  1. Respond Privately To Posts On Your Page

Occasionally a disgruntled customer may post on your Page that they are unhappy with your service. It may not be appropriate to deal with this matter publicly, and you can now reply directly to a public Post with a private message. The initial Post will remain visible on your public Page, but it will show a message saying that you responded privately, so other visitors will see that you’re not ignoring your customer!

These are just a few ways in which you can utilise Messenger for your business.

Social media technology moves quickly and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the changes. The good news is that there are so many ways to find new customers and keep them engaged. If you need help setting up Messenger for your business, drop us a line!






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