3 Social Media Updates You May Have Missed Last Week

Keeping up with all of the new changes and updates on the various platforms is essential to staying ahead of the game on social media but truth is, it can be hard to keep up with them all. Here are three important updates last week that you may have missed.

1. Snapchat finally lets users add music to their snaps

Snapchat is finally bringing music to posts. The company updated its app with a new music feature called Sounds that allows users to add songs that will play alongside their posts. It’s available now to all of Snapchat’s iPhone users (but no word yet on Android).

The update, which Snapchat began testing back in August, is similar to Instagram’s music feature where users can browse a selection of songs and add a clip to their snap. When another user opens a snap with music, they can swipe up to learn more about the song or open it in a streaming app.

Right now, there are only a handful of tracks available (including a new Justin Bieber track that’s being featured as a Snapchat ‘exclusive’), so the app’s music selection isn’t nearly as extensive as what you’d find in Instagram or TikTok. But Snap has struck a number of multi-year deals with labels, which should help the company pad out its catalogue over time.

Separately, the company is also working on another TikTok-like feature that will allow users to add their own audio to snaps. That update is expected ‘in the coming months.’



2. Instagram cracks down on hidden ads from ‘sneaky’ influencers

Instagram has decided to crack down on influencers after a UK based watchdog revealed that most influencers on the platform don’t disclose whether or not a post has been paid for or sponsored. Influencers are often afraid that their audience will think of them as sellouts if they mark posts as ads, but with all of that having been said and out of the way it is important to note that disclosing paid posts is very important for the industry as a whole. Instagram will also be reporting these influencers to brands and businesses that might be paying them for a post in order to place pressure on this group from all sides.

Many influencers are going to be asking for a different approach because of the fact that such a major change could have a negative impact on their earnings. Others would say that it is high time that this industry got more transparency added to it so that users and consumers can rest easy knowing that they are never going to end up being lied to.

3. Twitter adds new prompts to warn users before retweeting any potential misinformation 

Twitter has added a new alerting prompt to decrease the spread of misinformation on the platform. Users will now be alerted when they share a tweet that has been flagged as misinformation under the platform’s rules. The prompt will warn the user who wants to retweet or quote-tweet that the claim in the original message is in disagreement, and relate them to more data.

As explained by Twitter:

“Our work to limit the spread of misleading information goes beyond elections. Starting today, before you Retweet or Quote Tweet any labeled Tweet that breaks our misleading information rules, you’ll see a prompt.”



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