What exactly does ‘working in social media’ involve? South Coast Social Owner and Founder Clare talks us through a day in the life of a social media manager!

businesswoman drawing on wall

7.30 – I wake up and immediately reach for the iPad to check for any urgent social media notifications from the previous night – I always ensure I can keep track of our clients’ social media feeds at any time. Satisfied there’s only new follower notifications and positive interactions to monitor, it’s definitely coffee time! BulletProof coffee is my current coffee of choice, so I get a pot brewing as I start to work through my morning emails.

9.00 – Social Media Manager is only one of the many hats I wear at South Coast Social, so I’m off out to meet an exciting potential new client. Before I go I check all the scheduled social content for the day is set up correctly – we use Hootsuite alongside other social media management tools to schedule some of the social media feeds we are in charge of for our clients. Using a management tool such as Hootsuite enables us to ensure we always post at optimum times, as well as monitoring trends relevant to each genre.

11.00 – The meeting goes well and I’m excited to get started – I love a new challenge and my head is already buzzing with ideas as to how I can super charge their digital content and make sure they start to achieve the stand out they deserve online. I nip into Starbucks (spot a caffeine related trend yet?) to log onto their WiFi and quickly type up my notes, then manually check through our clients’ social media feeds to respond to any replies or comments. These are sent through as instant notifications so I can respond immediately to anything that might need my attention throughout the day – it’s vital to ensure all comments and replies are dealt with promptly. It’s a beautiful day so leaving Starbucks, I drive through Bournemouth and stop off to take a quick photo of the beach to share on our company Twitter feed. Luckily Bournemouth has great free Wifi access from the beach!


13.00 – Back to the office and time to craft some social media reports for our clients –  these form part of our standard social media packages and are essentially a weekly summary of their social media account activity from the past week, highlighting follower growth, engagements and impressions generated, what content has been well received and what targets could be set for the coming week. I take a phone call from another potential new client who is looking to improve their Adwords performance and I explain how we could build on what they have achieved so far and help them get the most out of their budget. I also then remember to eat!

15.00 – After drafting a blog post for a client who utilises one of our copywriting packages, I spend some time crafting a new Pinterest Board for a client from the health and beauty sector. Pinterest is one of my favourite social networks to work on – it definitely appeals to my creative side and I’m lucky that this particular client has a fantastic array of images at their disposal! I work through setting up the Board description and make sure each Pin is optimised correctly to ensure maximum exposure, researching the most appropriate and relevant hashtags (eleven is the magic number for Pinterest!).

16.00 – A few more emails and phone calls, then I spend some time reading through the various social media blogs and news sites I subscribe to – it’s vital that I stay on top of any social media trends and updates. I use Feedly to help prioritise what’s relevant so I can quickly skim through and pick up the important facts, then I share anything that’s of interest through the South Coast Social Google + and LinkedIn networks and also Pin a interesting Marketing related infographic.

17.00 – I’m currently developing our Training Packages, so I spend an hour working through our new courses, making sure we have incorporated all the latest social trends within our literature. Each course is bespoke to that individual client so it’s really just making sure the framework is perfect and can be easily adapted.

18.00 – Time for some dinner! I make a mean chilli (if I do say so myself!) and catch up with my partner and daughter.

19.30 – I jump back on the iMac to take part in the Monday #dorsethour Twitter trend for South Coast Social – it’s great to hear what’s going on in the local online community and be part of the conversation (alongside some of our clients!). While tweeting, I make sure all the planned scheduled social media content is set up for the next day.

20.30 – Time to switch off for the evening, after making a quick call to check in with one of our clients. This might seem a little late, but part of our Think Different philosophy is that we are always available to work around your schedule. Then, it’s time to relax with Netflix – Suits is the new favourite in our household!


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