Beauty brands on social media are achieving extraordinary growth through high level engagement with their customers. Social media networking and the beauty industry are an absolute match made in heaven. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are both visual and inspirational, and are the perfect platforms for promoting a beauty brand.

Here Are Examples Of 3 Beauty Brands That Are Rocking It!


Tarte Cosmetics was voted one of the most innovative digital and social media beauty brands of 2016 by WWD. Tarte is a great example of how brands can partner with influencers to sky rocket their reach, and combine the use of hashtags to increase brand awareness. They created a campaign with the hashtag #trippinwithtarte, which enabled consumers to buy products immediately as key influencers were touting them during an aspirational Bora Bora expedition. The tag had 4007 posts. Tribe Dynamics reported Tarte’s earned media value soared 221 percent in August to $44 million, so they are definitely hitting the right spot!


Tarte Follower Stats: Facebook – 910,643 / Instagram – 5.6 million / Twitter – 461,000/ Youtube – 92,927


Benefit Cosmetics offer sneak previews, product tutorials, makeup tips and special offers on their social media platforms, which has helped them to grow a loyal following. On their Instagram page they have asked their customers to tag their pics with #benefit, and then they share this UGC (User Generated Content). On Facebook they share fantastic inspiration branded ecards with the hashtag #beyourownhero, which engages and empowers their young female audience.


Benefit Follower Stats: Facebook UK – 5.7 million / Instagram – 5.6 million / Twitter UK – 265,000 / Youtube – 141,178


Lush brands itself as “The cosmetic preservation revolution” which adds an extra dimension to its social media, campaigning for world preservation and cruelty free beauty products. Lush have teamed up with huge popular Influencer, Zoella, who regularly posts videos of her Lush Hauls to her 11 million followers. This festive video had 1.4 million views!

Lush Follower Stats: Facebook UK – 356,702 / Instagram – 3.3 million / Twitter UK – 174k / Youtube – 138,941

There is so much to learn from studying these beauty brands on social media and modelling what they do for your own business. Want to learn more about how to find Influencers? See our post here.

Don’t feel that you need to be across every single social media platform, we know that for a small business this can be overwhelming. Choose one or two and make them count!

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