Snapchat Offers Insights into Marketing Trends

Snapchat has established itself as a key connection platform for many users. While other mainstream social media platforms may seem more popular, with the app’s privacy focus and content ability, helping it carve a niche in the social media landscape, they have succeeded where many others have fallen short. In this blog, we look at how Snapchat has achieved their success and feature a recent interview with Snapchat’s VP Luke Kallis.

Your 2021 Social Media Holiday Calendar for October

Summer may be slowly fading, with the days getting shorter and the weather getting crisper, but fear not! October is still a month full of celebration to keep you warm and fuzzy inside, culminating in one of our favourite days of the year; HALLOWEEN (31st)! 👻

So dig out your knitwear, practice your tricks and stock up on treats while taking note of the following national holidays…

12 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

As platforms become more creative, it can sometimes become harder for brands to showcase their products and services. Over time, platforms will become more defined in their audiences and in their ways of displaying content. The best way to reach them is to learn user trends and habits. You should be able to communicate with them in the language and tone of voice of which they prefer.