We are often asked for our top business tips for Twitter – so without further ado – here they are! We hope you find them a helpful starting point to give your Twitter use a kickstart, create quality interactions and increase your followers.twitter-bird-light-bgs1. Research hashtags relevant to your genre or region. We are based in Dorset where the use of the hashtag #dorsethour is very successful every Monday between the hours of 7.30pm and 8.30pm in generating conversation and connections between local businesses. In case you didn’t know, a ‘hashtag’ is a way of identifying messages on a specific subject – you just click on the # and it brings up all the tweets that have included that word.

  1. Remember, successful Twitter use is all about engagement and interaction – don’t just focus on follower numbers, that will come
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    with time. Don’t expect others to retweet your tweets or comment on your content if you don’t do the same. If something interests you, favourite it or reply saying why it’s relevant or interesting to you. If you receive positive feedback on your brand or service, reply thanking them.

  2. If the feedback is less than positive from a customer, NEVER rise to the bait! Tweet back, be polite and offer to put things right – often a disgruntled customer will have simply wanted to be heard after being unhappy with a service or product.
  3. It sounds obvious, but make sure your profile is completed correctly – you would be surprised how many businesses don’t bother doing this and lose the opportunity to direct potential customers to their website or give them more valuable information about their brand.
  4. Consistency is important – make sure you Tweet regularly and take the opportunity to reply to any DMs (direct messages) and mentions. You can also set up your email notifications to get an instant message when you are mentioned if you want to try and reply instantly.
  5. Don’t ‘over-sell’. Of course you want to showcase your business and share website links and promotions but nothing is more annoying than being bombarded with obvious sales messages. Make sure your content is interesting and relevant to your followers, recommend others and ask questions from those in your field.


You can find SouthCoastSocial on Twitter here – come and Tweet us hi!

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