4 Fang-tastic Halloween Social Media Campaigns

After a scary couple of years battling the global pandemic, Halloween 2021 was expected to make a rebound, and with consumer sentiment and purchases up 65% from the year before – it was certainly a good year for businesses selling costumes, candy, decorations, and pumpkins! To celebrate the build up to Halloween this year, we’ve… Read more »


Team SCS’s Top 3 Social Accounts

We can all be a little bit hooked to social media at times, probably more than we like to admit. But while too much use can come with its downfalls, social media can also be packed with lots of inspiration as well as entertainment, especially if you know where to look. There are thousands of… Read more »


South Coast Social joins Offset Earth!

environmentally friendly - hand holding plant

Last week, we announced that we’ve joined Offset Earth – a subscription service that uses investment to fund climate projects that reduce atmospheric CO2 levels and plant trees.


Get creative with your social media content…


Social media posts don’t have to be complicated, but they do need to engage your audience. The days of the 80:20 social media marketing rule might be over, but it’s still not a good idea to churn out the same message over and over again if no-one is interacting with it. It’s time to get… Read more »


Apple iPhone X: The New Release

Have you caught up on the latest release – the Apple iPhone X? Chances are that your social media channels have been jammed with tweets and posts regarding the new phone along with the pros and cons of what people think. The new Apple iPhone X model contains a number of new features that previous… Read more »