Do you ever find yourself looking at a website thinking how beautiful their images are and wondering how they created them?

Finding or creating the perfect image for your social media posts or your website is an important step to adhere to. It’s all about the impression you want to portray to your customers and how you want to attract new clients.

There are many stock image websites that you can use. To name a few:

… and there are definitely some beautiful images to source from these site. However, here at South Coast Social we are advocates for Canva. A one-stop place to source and create amazing images in as many sizes as you require them in.

What makes Canva stand out from the crowd?

There are two options with Canva, the free version or the work version. The free option gives you a great deal of choices and for many small businesses, this is enough however if you’re looking for a little extra and are conscious about your branding, then the work version is a great choice.

We work with many clients who have blog posts on their websites and also want to publish their articles across social media platforms. The one problem with this is that social media platforms all have their own dimension when it comes to images.
Do not fear, Canva has this covered!

Canva - creating images for your social media

Whether you’re looking to design an image for a website, blog post, a tweet or a Facebook post, there are a variety of dimensions ready for you to choose from. If this isn’t enough and you want to create your own sized image – you can choose the customised option too.

Once you’ve chosen your dimensions, there are a vast amount of choices to choose from to start creating your image.

You can upload your own artwork and use personal photos, with a choice of frames to put these into to ensure that they are the correct size for your post. Or you can take your pick from their range of stock images, both free and paid-for.

If you’re not sure how to lay your images out, or you’d prefer to just use text with a background, they have a choice of backgrounds and layouts for you to choose from as well. You can incorporate icons and shapes, text and captions – the options seem to be endless.

If you’ve paid for the work version, you will be greeted with a bigger choice of free images. Just type in your keyword into the search field and this will offer you all the images available.

Another good thing is that it shows all images, whether free or not (you can sort to show just free images if you prefer) so if you’d prefer to use one of their paid-for images, you can purchase these as you go. And to top it off, the images start from just $1 each! The images are beautiful and paying only $1 is definitely worth it, that’s if you actually need to!

The other extra sections that come with using the Work version, is that you can brand your images. Uploading your personal branding logos into your setup as well as your brand colours and fonts, ensures that each time you create an image, you don’t have to spend time locating your logos and typing in the correct #hex colour.

Pay a little extra and you can add team members to your account, where each member can access all the same features and artwork can be shared across the team. With this feature, templates can be created for the team to use and to share where all images can be worked on between the team.

We love this quote from Canva;

Canva is all about making design amazingly simple for anyone.

Why make tasks more complicated than they should be…?

If you have any tips or advice for creating the perfect image to add to this post, we’d love to hear from you below.



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