If you’re an SME with a Facebook presence (and trust us you REALLY should have a Facebook presence), the network has just launched a new tool to let businesses make a short introductory video about their company – dubbed ‘Your Business Story’.

With 50 million small and midsized businesses currently using Facebook pages and more than 43 billion connections between people and businesses on the social network, making what you do stand out has never been more important. Facebook said;

To celebrate these businesses, we’re also announcing the development of Your Business Story, a new movie tool that makes it easy for business owners to showcase what their company brings to the world. As part of the tool, businesses are able to upload their photos from their pages, overlay with music and share “what they are in the business of” doing.

Of course we jumped straight on this latest feature to create our own video!

A few tips from us as we worked through creating our own video;

The process is pretty simple – click on the link at the bottom of this post and then click ‘Create Your Video’.

It will then give you the list of pages of which you are an admin – select the appropriate page. Note you will need to agree to BOTH the permission options that pop up in order to continue.

Then select your 8 photos to create your gallery. Something to bare in mind – these images will need to be photos that are ALREADY uploaded to your page – Facebook doesn’t currently give you the option to upload new images for this process.

Then click and drag your images to your preferred order – remember the text you type in will go over images 3 and 4. Then add in a summary of your business, making it catchy as you only have 90 characters! Then select your music (there’s currently 4 options for this) and click ‘Confirm Your Story’.

To create Your Business Story, simply click HERE.

Will you be creating a Business Story for your brand?


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